Posted by: commapen | January 23, 2011

Experience Birds, Seals, and Gracious Hospitality in the Pribilof Islands

See me in the Pribilof Islands!

I like exploring. This has been a point that I have covered in this blog before. If I am not able to explore by hopping on an airplane someplace, I will explore on the Internet, looking for discoveries from all over the globe. One day, I was on the net, looking for an online radio station from the most far-flung location in the USA that I could imagine. I found a listing for a radio station on St. Paul Island, Alaska, a blip on the map in the middle of the ocean. I clicked the link, and heard one of the closest definitions of “community lifeline” that I have heard. They offer music, news, community announcements, and up-to-the minute weather reports, an important service for the crabbers and fishermen in the surrounding waters. I figured that if any public radio station needed my money, this is the one. I sent in $25, and received a KUHB coffee cup and t-shirt. After researching even more, I decided that I want to add St. Paul Island to my “bucket list” of places to visit in the future.

If you have ever watched “Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel, you have seen St. Paul Island as a stopover point for the Time Bandit, the Northwestern, and the rest of the fleet. St. Paul is one of the four Pribilof Islands, marooned in the Bering Sea, 300 miles from Alaska’s mainland. There are three main features of these islands: the treeless, wind-swept tundra; the millions of seabirds filling the skies; and thousands of seals and sea lions crowding the rocky shore. The northern fur seal, in particular, is one of the reasons that the United States negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars. Today, St. Paul Island and St. George Islands are home to a total of 684 people, most of them Aleuts.

If you would like to donate some money to KUHB like I did, their website is In fact, if you want a great adventure, you can visit and have the experience of your life, the type I would like to have someday.

Have you been to the Pribilof Islands? Would you like to visit someday? Please leave a comment below.



  1. Sounds like an interesting place… we definitely want to visit Alaska at some point in the near future!

  2. Never been that far up north but I guess one day I will.

  3. I understand only too well your need to explore. What a great and imaginative way to find one of the remotest spost on the planet.

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