Posted by: commapen | December 26, 2010

We are visiting Siquijor in 2011!

Coral Cay Resort

Coral Cay Resort - 2006

Big plans for Dassy and I. We are planning on visiting Siquijor, Philippines from October 22nd to November 6th. Hopefully we can extend the visit to November 8th, however that depends on whether I will be able to get the time off of work. It has been almost 5 years since I have been to Siquijor, and I look forward to seeing Dassy’s family, staying at the Coral Cay Resort, attending the Cang-Apa Fiesta for the first time, and otherwise enjoying the magic. Hopefully we can see a few more sights in the Philippines while we are there. More details to come!



  1. wow Siquijor’s also on my list of places to go to this year. Have fun …more travels this year.

    (this is the profile I’m using now – the previous one was from the old wordpress blog)

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